Hilton Head Island, SC
Denver, CO

During our short stay in Asheville, we decided to go to Colorado to make sure the Rocky Mountains were still there before Pat and Judy flew out to ride Harleys in the mountains.  We left Asheville, made a stop in Little Rock and another in Amarillo before arriving in Denver.  

Along the way we saw some interesting and unusual sites.  Like this power plant in Arkansas.

At other times the road stretched out forever in front of us.

We finally crossed Arkansas and entered Oklahoma.

Weber Falls Lock and Dam in Oklahoma creates a waterway great for fishing and boating.

After crossing Oklahoma we entered the Texas panhandle.  Flat, sparsely vegetated.  Texas.

And more flat Texas.

The western edge of the Texas panhandle provided some welcome elevation.

And an extinct volcano.

Texas and oil wells.

Colorado was a welcome sight.

Until we hit Denver rush hour traffic.........

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