The campground where we stayed in Gettysburg was in a beautiful setting.

Canadian geese (and baby geese) wandered the pasture in front of our coach.

Sasha loved the open pasture.  She ran and ran and ran.  It probably reminded her of her back yard at home, which she misses terribly.
Left:  Behind out coach they were setting up the stage for the annual Blue Grass music festival.  The park was sold out, so we couldn't stay around for the music.
We occasionally see signs which strike us as funny, odd, or just plain weird. 

Left:  Now this sign would certainly get a thirsty tourist's attention.  Although you see so many "Gettysburg" signs you have to do a double-take to catch it.  Doug and Mark will get a kick out of this one.


An advertising claim which shall go untested..... at least by us.
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