Day 2
Trail Ridge Road - Berthoud Pass - Top of the Rockies

The view from Berthoud Pass was intriguing.  The mountains rolling into the distance reminds one of the Blue Ridge Mountains of the southeast....... but much higher.
Leaving Winter Park, we climbed to Berthoud Pass through a series of S-curves to the Continental Divide.  We crossed the Continental Divide eight times during our trip.  

As you can see from the sign, water on the left flows to the Pacific Ocean, water on the right flows to the Atlantic.  

After crossing Berthoud Pass, a series of roller-coaster curves led us down to I-70.

We stopped for ice cream in Georgetown and rode around the 200+ restored buildings in this historic mining town before continuing west on I-70.

Exiting on US-6, a bypass for hazardous cargo around the Eisenhower Tunnel and a treat for  adventurous motorcyclists, we climbed back to cross the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass, 11,992 feet.


While climbing toward the pass we saw a film crew taking large-format still photos of an auto-transport filled with new Corvettes with snow-covered mountains in the background.  Could it be a Corvette advertising layout, or an upcoming movie?  We'll watch for the picture.

Meantime, we stopped to take our own pictures.  Pat and Woody check the bikes before continuing over Loveland Pass.
Pat and Judy pose for the camera at Loveland Pass before descending to Keystone and Dillon.
Ski Trails line US-6 on the west side of Loveland Pass.  These look like beginner slopes.

The Keystone area has become a major ski attraction with its easy access from I-70 and US-6.

We rode down through Dillon and Silverthorne and continued on to Frisco and Breckenridge before returning to Dillon to spend the night. 

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