Day 3
Top of the Rockies - Independence Pass - Aspen -
West Elk Loop - Gunnison

Heading up Colorado 82 toward Independence Pass, you feel a sense of anticipation as the road climbs rapidly.  Pat and Judy take the lead.  Pat moves to the left, downshifts, and brakes gently as he judges the severity of the upcoming curve. 
The landscape turns to arctic tundra as you approach the top of Independence Pass.
Snow-capped mountains and a small lake with ice-cold water complete the scene.
Rain clouds brush the tops of mountains.  As you ride your Harley along the curving mountain roads, you truly feel as if you're flying among the clouds.
Looking eastward from Independence Pass back toward Twin Lakes and Leadville.
The road leads quickly down and off toward the horizon through a series of switchbacks and gentle S-curves. 
We've just come up this winding road.  Note the switchback with rapid elevation change.  Although the Colorado roads are in good condition, the cold weather and altitude combined with hairpin turns keep the rider's attention.
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