Day 7:

Glenwood Springs - Vail - Clear Creek Canyon -
Peak to Peak Scenic Byway

We left Glenwood Springs and headed east on I-70 to Vail and Golden before taking the Clear Creek Canyon road (US-6) and the Peak to Peak (Colorado 119, 72 and 7) back to Estes Park.  The day's ride totaled 227 miles.

The view from our Glenwood Springs hotel was of this red rock mountain capped with fluffy clouds.  Beautiful.

The clear sky was unlike the previous evening when the rain we rode in from Grand Junction to Glenwood Springs had continued into the night.  During a lull in the rain we used the bikes to go to dinner at a restaurant only six blocks away.  Unfortunately, Woody missed the directions, taking a wrong turn onto Interstate 70 heading east in the cold rain toward Denver.  Fortunately we didn't have to ride to Denver, only to the next exit 5 miles away!  We eventually arrived at the restaurant cold, damp and hungry.  Hey, everybody makes a mistake sometime!

Later in the day as we rode along I-70 through one of the several passes, the clouds settled into the mountaintops.  










One of our stops this morning was in the ski resort of Vail.

The city is beautiful at this time of year and it must be doubly so covered with snow.

The stream that runs through downtown Vail is immaculately landscaped.  

Woody, Pat and Judy pause for a picture as they stroll through the Vail shopping mall.
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