On Thursday Woody made a trip to the FDIC offices in DC where he enjoyed lunch with some old friends.

Joe and Yvonne planned our weekend.  Saturday the four of us (plus Sasha) took the coach down Virginia SR 3 to the "Crazy Crab".  The seafood restaurant at the end of the road was a pleasant surprise.


Joe and Sasha go for a refreshing walk.

Joe and Yvonne took turns spoiling Sasha.  Needless to say, she ate it up.  Even to abandoning us for the night to spend it in Joe and Yvonne's room.
On Sunday afternoon, Joe and Yvonne took us to an Orioles baseball game in Baltimore.  A gorgeous day for baseball and a good time was had by all!
Yvonne, Judy and Joe anticipate the treat of devouring Boog Powell's BBQ at a picnic area just outside the park.  Boog was there signing autographs. 


When we returned to Joe and Yvonne's home, Sasha was being "dog napped" by the neighbor who was to walk her.  She wasn't going anywhere with this stranger and made it clear by growling viciously.  

By the time we got Sasha back to the coach on Sunday night, she was one pooped puppy.  None the worse for the attempted "dog napping", she promptly crashed in her favorite spot with one of her toys close by for comfort.

Thanks Joe and Yvonne for a GREAT weekend!!

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