West Virginia

Almost Heaven

Main Office Building

Our RV stop in West Virginia was in Lewisburg.  This old campground alongside a river was open for the last year before being developed to build homes.

The campground had been used as a gathering place for church groups and scouts for many years.  The happiness and excitement of years gone by rang throughout the grounds.  It struck us as sad that this grand old campground and all the memories it contained would be forever lost.

Dining Hall

Sadly, the pay phone and lone chair wait for no one.  Groundhogs have made homes under the old buildings.

The lake will no longer ring with the laughter of campers.

The river flows slowly downstream as surely as time erases memories of happy times at the campground.

The twin totem poles welcomed guests for many years.  Wonder what will happen to them.

The flag has flown proudly for many years.  Now it flies for its last summer.
The homemade paddleboat has served for many years.  
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