Guy Ride 2002

Joey rode up from Atlanta to ride the Georgia mountains with us for the day.  We were glad he could join us, even though he rode a to-be-unnamed foreign brand of bike.


The country store across the road from TWO Campground has grown to be a favorite stop for bikers in the area.  Pat does a magic trick.

Joey's T-shirt gives a small hint as to his biking allegiance.

Ricky, Toothpick, Woody and Joey cool it and pose for pictures.

Ricky poses in front of the infamous ice machine.

Ricky discovers a little girl who just lost a tooth and becomes the "Tooth Fairy" when he gives her a quarter.

The pretty little girl had a big gap in the front where she lost a tooth.

Pat joins in and gives her another quarter.  Hey, this Tooth Fairy stuff is great!


As she and her mother got into their pickup to leave, the little girl was heard saying, "Mom, I never knew the Tooth Fairy looked like THAT!"