4 Corners '05
Orlando to Pensacola
Key West

Saturday morning, July 2nd.
Roe and Woody pose for pictures
 before leaving for Key West.



After two hours of packing and repacking Woody is ready to go.
Judy starts to take pictures.  No camera battery!  Oops! 
Maybe we didn't quite get everything packed....


A beautiful Saturday morning in Orlando.
  A great ride beginning a great adventure!
The first six miles go smoothly.
  Then, at the 528 toll booth, Roe runs out of gas!!

Woody reluctantly called Judy and asked her to bring gas.
Two minutes later the "Road Ranger" who patrols Orlando
expressways looking for stranded motorists pulled up and
offered to fill Roe's tank. 
Darn!  If we hadn't just called Judy we could have
kept running out of gas a secret!


Left:  We stopped in Miami to see Roe's friend Dale. 
Dale is an accomplished photographer.
Looking through Dale's portfolio was a real treat for two wannabe photographers.  Dale took us to an excellent Italian restaurant
for lunch after which we Roe and I said our goodbyes and rode
off toward Key West.

About 5 miles south of Florida City, US 1 traffic came to a complete stop! 
Cars were backed up for as far as we could see.

We baked in the hot Florida sun as traffic inched along stop-and-go
 fashion for miles.  When traffic was stopped we turned the Harleys
off to keep from overheating the bikes and ourselves. 



We stopped at our motel in Marathon to cool off before heading for Key West.  A short swim and a shower did wonders for our
morale and we left  for Corner One refreshed.

Near Seven Mile Bridge we stopped to watch the sunset.

The Southernmost Point - Key West
July 2nd, 2005 - 9:00PM

Corner #1

Dinner in Key West at Hemmingway Joe's. 

A signpost outside points out our next destination
Las Vegas 2,988 miles!

Sunday, July 3rd.  A beautiful sunny
morning in the Keys.


Leaving the Florida keys in perfect riding weather and no traffic.
What a great day!



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