2005 Western Trip

Roswell, New Mexico

According to reports, a UFO crashed during a violent thunderstorm in a remote area of New Mexico, just Northeast of Corona around July 2, 1947. The crash site was quickly cleaned up by personnel from Roswell Army Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico. Further, unconfirmed reports claimed that alien bodies were also recovered from the crash.  The remains of this extra-terrestrial vehicle and its occupants were reportedly rushed to the infamous "Hangar 18" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  

Woody found three of the aliens at Champion's Harley-Davidson.   A couple were driving a red pickup with their spaceship in the bed.  Another was riding a Harley and agreed to let Woody have his picture taken with him. 
(The alien is on the right)

Tim, Al (right), and Carl (below) ponder alien spacecraft crashing in Roswell. 



Terri (right) isn't so concerned with the aliens as much as "Where the heck are we?"

Next stop - Petrified Forest



Above and Below:  The Painted Desert


Carl basks in the warm spring sunshine.

Winslow, Arizona - home of the Eagles' famous song, "Take It Easy" with the lyrics "Standing On A Corner in Winslow Arizona".


Notice the reflection of the "Flat Bed Ford" in the first floor window and the image of the couple in the second floor window.




Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson.  We stopped here for a break and some souvenir shopping.  Little did Al and I realize that we would be back the next day!

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