April - May 2004

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Lot 141 before construction

Two sure signs construction is about to begin!  An Inspection Record and an Outhouse!  These are good signs, even if the building permit was issued to "Woodarow and Judith Hamroick"!  At least they got the builder (Pete McKeon) right!

Ahhhhhhh.  Delivery of the Outhouse! 
Construction can't be far behind.

Stacy and Samuel level the lot and dig the foundation.

Rock had to be blasted before footers could be poured.

A solid foundation on which to build a house!


Progress!  The black covering on the poured concrete walls is waterproofing.

The basement framing begins to take shape.

 Two 8-foot sliding glass doors and a 5' center window frame the view from the "rec" room basement.

Pete, our builder, is a native of the area and has many years' construction experience.  When we asked folks about Pete's qualifications, the first first comment we heard was, "Pete's a good builder".  Pete has a great reputation with local residents, and has built homes for many of them.

Judy talks with Red (far right).  Red is a fellow "Biker".  He owns a vintage Harley 1977 Lowrider.

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