Bowling Green, Kentucky

and the National Corvette Museum

The first corvette in 1953 shook the American automobile scene.  This was one of the first 200 'Vettes made by hand before production was shifted to the assembly line. FirstVette.gif (47951 bytes)
The TV series Route 66 stired many visions of travel in kids growing up at the time. Route66.gif (50216 bytes)
People love their Corvettes.  George Swanson was buried in his on May 28, 1994, proving that you can take it with some extent. BGVetteBuried.gif (80143 bytes)
Woody posing with the Corvette Indianapolis pace car. WoodyVette.gif (32653 bytes)
Woody in a 1999 corvette.  He had to arm wrestle three kids and two old ladies to get them out of the car so he could have his picture taken. WoodyVette-1.gif (48027 bytes)
The National Corvette Museum is a fun trip for car buffs of all ages. WoodyVette-w.gif (29592 bytes)

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