Memphis, Tennessee

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All Aboard!!  Four happy campers board for Graceland and Branson.

Our first stop after picking up Aunt Ruby in Cullman, Alabama was Memphis, Tennessee.  While in Memphis, we camped across the street from Elvis' home, Graceland.  We were so close we could have walked to dinner with Elvis --- had we been asked!! 

To the right are the front and back of Elvis' Memphis home.

Elvis also liked guns.  He had a pistol range built in the old smokehouse behind his home.  The smokehouse was so small that you had to stand outside and shoot at a target inside the building.  There were bullet holes all over the inside.   Apparently Elvis wasn't such a good shot!!

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Woody says he and Elvis had a lot in common.  Both were very handsome and both like motorcycles and cars.  Well, at least the love of motorcycles and cars fit!  Elvis' motorcycle and 1955 Cadillac.

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Corky's was our favorite Memphis eating establishment.  We also roamed Beale Street and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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