Cullman, Alabama

By the time we left Orlando on May 6th, we were exhausted from loading the coach and preparing the house.  Our first stop was about 150 miles north, at Jennings, Florida. jennings rv.gif (15825 bytes)
After a long rest, we dodged thunderstorms and moved northward to a KOA just south of Atlanta to continue the recuperation. 

From her vantage point on the dash, Sasha anxiously awaits Woody's return from checking in. 

The KOA site was nestled among Georgia pines.  A tornado hit a small town just east of us.  After the rain, the wind blowing though the pines provided a pleasant night's sleep.



sasha checkin 1.gif (93734 bytes)


atlanta koa 1.gif (69586 bytes)

On the way to pick up Aunt Ruby in Cullman we escaped severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, but Judy didn't escape a trip to the emergency room in a Cullman hospital.  At the first rest stop in Alabama, Judy fell while taking Sasha for a walk and tore several ligaments in her left ankle.  We left for Branson with Judy on crutches. judy shasa rain.gif (65678 bytes)
We filled up with diesel fuel in south Georgia.  Talk about pump shock!!  Even the pump was in shock! pump shock.gif (63747 bytes)
Our one night in Cullman was at Cousin Pat's house.... she graciously said we could park in her driveway.  That was BEFORE she saw how big the coach was!!  Thanks, Pat!! pats house.gif (57776 bytes)