There are many hiking trails in Glacier National Park.  We took several, but two were spectacular.   Avalanche Lake was our first hike...... 4.7 miles, including Trail of the Cedars.

Judy poses before heading out on the "Trail of the Cedars".

Above, below and below left:  The trail climbs quickly to Avalanche Gorge.  A bridge over the creek provides a great observation deck and leads to the Trail of the Cedars, a short nature walk through towering cedar trees.

Avalanche Lake is 2.2 miles into the mountains off Going to the Sun Road.  The crystal-clear lake is fed by five waterfalls from the top of the surrounding mountains.  

The scene is hushed, with only the waterfalls and an occasional breeze to break the silence.  A magnificent place.

This was our first real hike...... ever.  Not a bad beginning for a couple of city dwellers

Next stop..... hiking to the bottom of Grand Canyon, or maybe to the top of a fourteen thousand foot mountain in Colorado.  Oh well, it never hurts to dream.

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