The second hike was even more spectacular.  The Hanging Garden Trail is 6 miles round trip with a 460 foot climb to the summit and a 765 foot rocky descent to Hidden Lake.  The trail taxed our hiking ability (hey, we're amateurs remember).  Also, what goes down must come up.  It was a 765 foot climb to the summit coming out and a 460 foot descent to the trailhead..... and we felt every foot!!  We spent the next two days recuperating!

The sign says it's three miles to Hidden Lake.  That means it's three miles back.  What the sign doesn't say is that there is a significant elevation change between this point and the lake!  A minor missing bit of information..... or at least we thought it was minor at the time!

The trail begins at the Logan Pass Visitor Center with a view of Clements Mountain.  The snow reminds you that you're at 6,600 feet.  Clements Mountain is 8,760 feet high.  The wooden boardwalk leads to the trail over the sensitive sub-arctic tundra.

Fields of blue, yellow, and pink wildflowers carpeted the valley.

Bear grass was in full bloom.  Although it blooms every year, according to a park ranger bear grass only blooms this lushly once every seven years.  

They young are naturally inquisitive, but mom watches warily from a distance.  

It was a warm day in the mountains, especially for mountain goats.  What better way to cool off than a sun tan on a small glacier.

Momma and baby mountain goat.  The young learn early to negotiate rocky terrain with grace.

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