Bowling Green, Kentucky to Petoskey, Michigan


Leaving the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green on Memorial Day, we headed north toward the Michigan Peninsula.  We made overnight stops in Louisville, KY and Benton Harbor, Michigan.  We settled into the KOA Park in Petoskey, Michigan to see the peninsula and Mackinac Island.  The park was one of the prettiest we've stayed in.  Neat, clean, and well landscaped.  All the amenities including swimming pool, game room, playground for kids, and complete laundry facilities.  Great people!   They even let Woody unplug their credit card telephone line to check our E-mail.

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During our first night in Petoskey, Sasha became very ill after passing a rubber ear plug she had swallowed a couple of days before.  We stayed up all night and Judy called the emergency veterinary number at 6:00AM.  About 10 minutes later the vet returned her call (our cell phone was long distance for him), and we made an 8:00AM appointment.  Woody helps the patient recuperate by giving her a little TLC.   The cigar probably didn't help though!

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We visited the veterinarian, Dr. Koehler, two more times during our five day stay before Sasha was well enough to travel.  Our sincere appreciation goes out to Dr. Koehler for helping strangers with a very sick puppy. 

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After Sasha began to recover, we toured the Petoskey area.  This is a view from the city park.

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