4 Corners '05

to Anchorage

Alaska or Bust!
We Made It!!!!
8,900 miles

We survived the Alaska Highway and arrived in Anchorage on Saturday, July 30th.
  What at trip! 

From the misery of a 45 degree and rainy 375 mile ride from Fairbanks to Anchorage to the 115 degree heat of the Mohave Desert; from long boring straight-aways to heart stopping hairpin curves overlooking sheer drop-offs; from 14-lane California highways to the one-lane muddy construction zones of the Alaska Highway, we've enjoyed it all!  The memories of perfect riding days and smooth S-curves far outweigh any trials we have experienced along the way.

While having the bikes serviced in Seattle we took the opportunity to visit the Pike Street market for seafood (Roe) and nachos (Woody)


A ferryboat heads toward the Seattle docks.


Fish at the Pike Street Market. 


A French girl purchased a large bouquet at the Pike Street Market and was about to mount her motor scooter.  We were skeptical, but she laid the bouquet on the floorboard and flew off into the Seattle traffic with the flowers intact.

Booths with beautiful fresh flowers lined the market.


Woody is still recuperating from the Navy haircut he got in San Diego!

Bikers of all shapes and sizes cruised the Pike Street Market.

A rest and shopping stop at the Bellingham Harley-Davidson dealer. 
The northwestern-most Harley-Davidson dealer in the lower 48 states. 

Waiting to cross the Canadian border.
Roe looks pretty happy here.


Roe's bike in Custom's parking after he is instructed to "Pull over and report to the Custom's Office". 
I didn't see Roe inside but he didn't look too happy as he pulled into the parking area.


Yeah!  Row cleared Customs after answering many questions.


We've cleared the border and are heading north to Alaska!
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