4 Corners '05


12,500 miles and counting!

We circled Alaska from the north, stopping in Fairbanks before riding south to Anchorage.  From Anchorage we rode down the Kenai peninsula to the end of the Homer Spit, as far as you can ride northwest on a paved road.

We have now visited three corners of the continental United States; riding as far as you can go on paved roads to the southeast, southwest and northwest.  Next is Maine, the northeast corner!

The Hampton Inn, our lodging in Anchorage.  Anchorage and Fairbanks have modern hotels and recognizable brands.  Smaller cities have "Mom and Pop" motels and smaller chains such as Sandman and Westmark.  We found new Super8 hotels in Fort Nelson and Dawson Creek.

Heading south out of Anchorage down the Seward Highway toward the Kenai Peninsula. We left early to make the 450 mile round trip to Homer.  It was cool, foggy and overcast but the skies were beginning to lighten from the past two days' rains.


The Seward Highway parallels the Turnagain Arm.

In 1778 Captain Cook's ships, Discovery and Resolution, sailed up Cook Inlet hoping to find the Northwest Passage, but failed and had to "turn again", leading him to name the water body Turnagain.


Roe in full weather gear.  The "cool" morning quickly turned "cold" as we rode along Turnagain Arm.



Above and right:  We take pictures with the Alaskan Railroad sightseeing train, the "Coastal Classic", in the background.


The small cabin in the center of the picture looks like a perfect place to build a fire in the fireplace and kick back with a mug of hot chocolate.

While riding down the Turnagain Arm toward the Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Refuge, we felt like we were riding among clouds.  And indeed we were.
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